There are no mistakes.

For anyone who ever thought they made a mistake and anyone that ever thought they were a mistake ….

There is this idea that a child can be a mistake. I don’t buy that. 

One in four pregnancies miscarry, that’s without the medical need to end them, which brings the odds of success even lower. 

A woman is born with all the eggs she will EVER have. An egg can only be fertilized 12-24 hours in a month! Leaving a very short window for even the most fertile of people. 

Each time a man ejaculates he releases 100 million sperm! They are all different genetic codes and different genders! 

Let’s go back ….

A woman is born, somewhere. A man is born, somewhere. Somehow, they meet. Somehow, they like each other. Somehow they find themselves together, intimately. 

Whether they were trying to create life, or not, their dna combined. 

Not only were they healthy enough to have the parts that made it work, but the timing was right. The match was right. 

After months of waiting to see what they created, they look at that baby … it’s unlike any baby in the whole world. They made THAT match. Any other couple, any other sperm, any other month, day, hour and she wouldn’t be who she was. She is unique. 

Circumstances may not always be perfect. But that baby was meant to be. With billions of obstacles in her way, she is here, never the less. You can’t tell me that was a mistake. She is a match, a miracle and a life that was meant to be created.

Some of us were raised by loving parents. Some of us were raised by parents that hate each other. Some of us were raised by only one parent. Some of us were raised by relatives. Some of us were abandoned. Some of us were adopted. Some of us were barely raised at all. But ALL of us were meant to be. 

That’s science.